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tv   Washington Business Report  ABC  August 24, 2014 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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♪ >> business news fm the capitol region. this is "washington businessss report" with abc7 naonal corresndent rebecca cooper. a thanks for joining us for fresh look at business and finance in the washington region. coming up on today's show, our one-on-one with donald trump. we talked about hihim -- his pls to turn the world post office into one of e world's top luxury hotels. as part two, we ask him how he raised d.c. as a business town. andpower of social media, what you can learn from one local small town now trending. in our final segment, what can
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and should be done to shut down sources of funding for the radical islamic state terrorists now garnering both wall street and the world's attention. first, per two of our one-on-one with donald trump. ♪ >> what a the things that most excite you right now i in the buness environment? what are the challenges that get you excited? scotland is one of the great places of the world. it is in a special location right on the ocean. just bought --i so many different ples. in this country, what is exexciting is 800 acres in the middle of miami. it is being considered the best resort in the united states. >> is the location? >> it is location. it's a lot of different things. you can have a certain location. you can have a a certain buildi. it is lots of different factors
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that when you add them all up, something can work. doral has tremendous acreage. we are getting tremendous reviews,specially for the blue monster. big pga tournament, the cadillac championship, which is the world championsp of golf. there are so mandifferent assets there. afafter i gogot it, i did d thet thing. >> you do real estate brilliantly. u' brilliant at marketing. what do u badly? if you make mistakes -- everybody makes mistakes. the greatest in the world have made mistakes. they have made great fortunes and in great work but they have also made mistakes. if i do something that isot as good as it should be, i learne from the next time -- for the next time. >> do you like balancing the
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checkbook? >> you have to do all of that. you have to like it all. >> i do't lilike paying my bili. [laughter] >> you have to sort of like it. it i is all a part of the puzzl. it is a very complplex chess ga. i am proud of,gs democrats, republicans -- everybody came togher.r. we needed 100 different approvals. all d.c. people. and great people. and it came together. we got everybody in the room and he came togetherer and we got it done. >> it is r remarkable how many democrats to work with y on this project. [indiscernible] did she ever say to you, ease up on presint obama? do the bew we would
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job. she has been pushing the schedule for many years. she is a fine woman and i give her ch credidit. she has wanted this job done for many, many years. dealtlt with the gsa for a long time. to put the d democrarats togethr with the republicans and get everybody in a room and do approval on a massive development right smack on pennsylvania avenue that wouldld be incredible for many decad to come -- it is a great thing. >> how would you rate d.c. as a business town? the taxax rates, the policies, regulations. you do business in all the major cities. >> i do busiss in florida, which is a great area for business. i do much business in n new yor. i like d.c. i like thehe market. has tremendous potential. i have gotten to really like a lot of thehe leaders iave met in d c are terrific people.
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they have great pride in d.c. i talk to you about your children because they are all here today. what are the most important lessons you taught them? everyone praises you forell you your children have turned your- for how well children have turned out. >> so far, s so good. whwho knows? bad things can happen down the road, but i do have wonderful children. and three that are in business with me. they really are dededicated. they are smart. when i was young, i alwaysys usd to t tell them no drugs, no alcohol. when ivanka was three or four ars old, she would say, don't say that anymore. no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettttes.
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i was there plenty. i would tell them every chance i get. it is so important. capableriends who have children, but they're into alcohol or into drugs. they are at a huge disadvantage. if you drink a lot and take drugs, you''re at a huge disadvantage. no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. cigarettes also because of the health. i don't smoke. i say, why are they smoking? they smoke they probably understand it. if you don't start, it is so easy not to smoke. if you don't drink, it is so easy not to drink. they got through a very tough period of time where a lot of their friends are drinking and have problems and drugs. if i had some of the financial privileges that ivanka is and all of these children,
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don't think i would work as hard as she does. she is tireless. >> she is very talented. she went t the school of finance and she was a top student. tell them growing up, you're going to have to work? at ae focused on school certain point. she was very s successful. >> were you more invested? did you say, you're not going to geget any money? >> no. i have kids who w work very hard and i want my kids to carry itit on. everyone has different vie on that. we pay taxes and we pay different things. i understand the other side of it. she works very hard and she's very talented and she loves what she does. >> and you love what you do. >> i do. >> thank you for joini us. up in our small business starlight, how businesses in one small town are harnessing social media to boost rockets and why the world is watching..
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>> welcome back. the man who created the twitter campaign says he just wanted to reconnect to his hometown. i letting others know about the many small businesses in this burg of over 5000 people. the move was a booming success. now even some who doubted they needed social media c charles for theirhuge plus profile and their bottom-line. we are joined by the man who started it all. welcome. i should start by saying, you
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have a day job. yoare a photojournalist. you commute from d.c. to charles town every day for your work. you put in all this extra effort at no cost to do this for charles town. what is the motivation? >> is simple. i live in charles town and i was looking for a way to relate and really work in my hometown that i live in. savvy enough and did not ha the capit to start my own business. you still make no profit from it, but it has drawn a lot of attention to charles town now. how does charles town now work? >> it is simple. we do what fortune 500 companies have been doing for the last fo years on social mediaia. we actively search social memeda forms to find mentions of charlestown, its businesses, attractions or did we interact with those people on a one-on-one basis.
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>> you literally go door to door. you will direct message people to get them to notice what is going on in charles town. >> absolutely. we believe that is what it takes in a small town. thbusiness owners have figured out the power of sociaial media. i have gone door-to-door and try to set of social media. itebook has been around and has replaced the website for a lot of these sma businesses. >> it is not as interactive as twitter. handle, i liker because you are so amusing. you're getting lots of media coverage for this. you told one reporter about a locksmith who was a little dubious, that he needed social media. >> how do you tell a small business owner that it survived a walmart kind of town, a home depot being built threeiles away -- how do you tell a locksmith who survived those things and the recession that he needs to start a small business twitter account?
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it is simple. we did the search parameters we do -- >> you were there, meeting with him. power ofwed him the searching locked out, locked in. he used various search terms. >> meaning, a map around your area. >> we said we only want those tweets in your area. who tweeted,rson just lock myself out of my car. >> he thought is was a set up. >> he did not believe it. he said, you set this up. i had to cvince him i did not know this person. the guy ended up calling h. >> he reached out to him and got a customer. >> absolutely. it is a lot of people who are in town, either visiting or they are residents in town. we have the hollywood casino at charles town races.
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people come to charles town already. we are trying to find those people and get them to come into the downtown, discover what downtown charles town has two offer. we are srounded by growth pockets. we have that going for us, which a lot of small towns in america don't. we are trying to capitalize on that and figure out how can we connect the dots with customers. you say the businesses in charles town can now find their customers before the ctomers can evenind them. >> we have got such great small businesses. we have a very unique [inaudible] we have a custom furniture store. we have great small businesses that are ver unique and what towns would really want. what we're trying to do is portray them a and show them tht this is fine and this is how you can inract with customers by looking for them before they find you. maybe mebody is visiting they areown and
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tweeting about theheir long trip to charlestown. we will encourage that while ere year, stop by y and pick up something you might like to take home. , and stop byoga and see everything there is to offer. alwaysphotographers are smarter than the reporters. i have long known that an appreciated that about you. twitter reached out to you and said, we went to meet with you. how did that happen? >> it is kind of an interesting story. $75 small business ad campaign. within those parameters, you can pay $75 and for each visit you are spending money. what ended up happening was, we went through that $75 in 24 hours. for them, that was a unique thing to happen and a small town. they said, we want to figure out
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at it is that you are doing. it has been great. >>. to wrap up. -- go to wrap up. you had a town in england reach out to you. w did that happen? >> in the last couple of weeks we havave caught the eye of a couple of small towns. the farthest reaching one is the town of [inaudible]] in england, south london reach out to us and saidwe are trng to do the same thing you are. it is full of vibrant, gre things. it is easy to are that vast -- best practice. now everyone in america is going to want to hire you. we are already asking you to help promote ourhow. >> this is something that is a laboof le for me. >> you are not making any momony from any of this. but hers are making money. >> absolutely. we profit by owing that our small town ishriving.
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we're per training that i imagen social media and showing people that we have great businesses in our town. >> i want to live in a town where people are doing well. stay tuned. we have more coming up after the break.
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>> welcome back. so far wall ststreet has smingly remained immune to g growing inrnational strife. this morning fm the pentagon that the [inaudible]
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calling themselves an islamic state pose a grave threat to international stability. can isil be stopped? today we pose that question, focusing onunding to e executive erector -- director. the foundation was created in honor of the journalist assassinated for his field reporting. is the largest press freedom orgaganization in the middle east. >> thanks for joinings. tell me e about the statement yr founundation put out in the aftermath of james foley's beheading? >> it was important for governmentnt to take swift actin in order to stop the funding of terrorist organizations such as isis, to stop the influlux of fighters towards syria and iq. leaders to beamic
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extremely more vocal in condemning isis actions and having a clear muslim voice that rejects the e kinds of behehavir that isis has been spreading throughout the middle east, including the beheading of mr. foley. you see some of their primary y sources of fundg coming from? comes funding of isis from charities or associations or iormal groups in islamic countries, but also in other asn countries. isis is a criminal organization. hostage takining is one of f thr sources of funding. ransoms in west africa, the middle east are a major source of funding. with the recent attack of isis
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foes in the northernrn part of iraq, we know that isis raided banks as seized hundds of millions of dollars. it is not easy to stophat funding. calling on turkey and other countries to shut down their bank accounts. doesn't necessarily open direrect bank accounts with ther names. however, there are shady movements of funds that come from local leaders, from peoeope who coalesce in associations or charities that send money to isis there are few countries in th middddle east that t have bank secrecy. ththe government does have the ability to check these channels and these movements of funds. inhe same way that they can that go to drugs or other illegal actions, money launderingchemes, it is also important to have [inaudible]
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over funding going to terrorist organizations. >> you have been openly critical, as have many people here in the united states and overseas, of the obama administration's handling of beating back isis forces. whwhat is your take on what the administration is doing? >> [inaudible] the ununited states was doing nothing but lip service. right now, looking at the q,tuation in a rack -- in ira nody understands why there is spending against isis in iraq but not in syria. undnderstand,ard to and gives the impression of doubletandards. these double standards exactly what somgroups such as isis
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taken whennions w were the syrian crisis interruptpted and the people were truly asking for reform, you wouldot have seen the emergence of such radil organizations today. it is too late in terms of international rction. >> too little, too late. a sobering conclusion. thank you so much for joining us on "washington business report." >> i hope our next discussion will be when we are celebrati the release of hostages. thank you. >> we will be right back. stay with us.
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>> thank you for joining us. be sure and tune in next week. you have heard his voice for years. now see what ronnie mervyns has to say about becoming one of the top business leaders, not just here in washinington but throughout the world. let usus know what u thought of today's shshow. like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.
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thanks for joining us d we hope to see you right back k hee again nextunday. i'm rebecca cooper. captioned by the herbalife has vitamin supplements for the whole family. i use herbalife energy drinks before a long workout. i use the protein shakes. they h help me manage my weigh. we started i1980, and now have millions of customers around the globe. we employ over 7000 people worldwide anand we're growing everyday because our products help people live healthier, more active lives. with a better diet, exercise and herbalife, i've lost 22 pounds and feel great. find out more at i am >> this week on "government
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matters" -- >> everybody wants airwaves, whether it is a broadcaster trying to reach their audience or a company trying to reach their customers. critics called the plan that ate the pentagon. new concerns about international demand for the f-3 former president george w. bush takes the plunge. "government matters" starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >>


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